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Cosmetic Dentistry

When we describe our work in Cosmetic Dentistry, we talk about beauty, about esthetic balance, about color, but certainly about function, the perfect fit. When we are presenting you with a diagnosis, a treatment plan, we are not only thinking about the rehabilitation of your mouth and its future maintenance! We start looking at all the aspects to bring a confident, happy smile to your lips.

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Dental Implants


What are Dental Implants?

A Dental Implant is an artificial substitute of dental roots. Implants can be of different shapes and sizes like a screw, cylinder, lamina or a structure that is placed over the bone and under the gingiva. The teeth that are going to be replaced are bonded to the portion of the implant that extend beyond the gingival line. The type of Dental Implant to be placed depends on each specific case.

What do the Dental Implants do?

  • Replace missing teeth.
  • Support a complete denture, making it safer and more comfortable.
  • Support a fixed bridge, avoiding two problems: There will be no need for a removable prosthesis, and no need to prepare neighboring teeth for crowns.
  • An implant can replace a single tooth, without altering neighboring teeth.
  • Stabilize teeth with mobility.
  • Help maintain bone quality.

Could I benefit from a Dental Implant?

In almost every case patients can opt for Dental Implants.

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