Dr. Marco Muñoz Cavallini International Dental Clinic

Dr. Marco A. Muñoz Cavallini, a Costa Rican Certified Prosthodontist and implant expert, in conjunction with another surgeon, was the first Dentist to place a dental implant in Costa Rica. He has placed and restored over 30,000 dental implants since 1980. With more than 47 years in Dental Practice and over 35 years of experience in Implant Dentistry, the Dr. Marco Munoz Cavallini International Dental Clinic is recognized as one of the best practices in Dental Reconstruction, Dental Implant placement and Cosmetic Dentistry in Costa Rica and around the World.

We are currently the only Dental Clinic in Costa Rica to place high-grade Titanium One Stage and Two Stage Dental Implants. We even place Dental Implants for other colleagues at our Dental Clinic. All of our quality procedures are done in days, in a very modern, comfortable and friendly environment with specially designed facilities and state of the art equipment.

Patients are treated in a highly humane and respectful manner.

  • Advice for traveling and lodging is available.
  • Free Airport pickup is available.
  • Sedation through IV or Nitrous Oxide is available for those who request it.
  • You don’t need to travel from one dental office to another.
  • Everything is done by us, in a safe, friendly environment.

We invite you to browse through our website to find out everything about us and what you need.

Dental Implant Services from Marco Munoz Cavallini

The Cavallini Dental Clinic offers breakthrough technology to our clients and great prices. We have more than 35 years of experience placing Dental Implants with over 30,000 placed to date. Our doctors were the first to place dental Implants in Costa Rica and the first to provide dental treatment to foreign patients from around the world.

We offer a wide variety and the latest in Dental Implants to meet all of your needs:


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    The Z-Look5 Implants Affordable –Metal Free– Dental Implantology!!
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We are the Best Option for your Dental Treatment

  • American trained Bilingual Doctors and Highly trained staff with continuous Education and Permanent Studies
  • Our knowledge and experience: More than 47 years of Dental Practice, 35 years of experience in Implant Dentistry, More than 30,000 implants placed to date
  • Dr. Marco Muñoz Cavallini in conjunction with another surgeon was the first Dentist to place a Dental Implant in Costa Rica, in May of 1980
  • Dr. Marco Muñoz Cavallini and later Dr. Marco Muñoz Peralta were the first Dentists to place Immediate One Stage Osteocompressive permanent Implants in Costa Rica
  • We are pioneers in Immediate Load Implants
  • We are located in Costa Rica, a safe and peaceful country. Costa Rica is located closer to the USA and Europe than other very far away and not so safe locations
  • Implants. In some cases our Implants can be placed with “a no Flap and no suture Technique,” in just minutes; a painless procedure saving our patients time and money.
  • The Unipost Design in our Immediate Load Implants does not require extra abutments or Prosthetic Components. These savings are translated directly to our patients
  • We are the only Dental Clinic in Costa Rica to work with BOTH one stage (immediate) AND two Stage (delayed) Dental Implants
  • We offer 24-hour Personal pre and post-operative care at our on-site Hotel
  • Ample experience in Oral Rehabilitation, Cosmetic Dentistry and other Dental Fields – described in this web site
  • All of our Dental Implants are placed with Cone Beam CT 3D Imaging that help us locate Major Anatomic Structures and plan trajectory implants before insertion.
  • In some Specific Cases Oral Rehabilitations –regardless of extension and difficulty- can be completed in one trip to Costa Rica, saving our clients a lot of time and money.
  • Our on-site exclusive Dental Lab not only assures fast & quality rehabilitations, it results in more efficient procedures. Time and money savings for everyone
  • Our on-site Dental Lab has highly trained staff with more than 30 years of experience, with the necessary proficiency to meet our needs and our quality standards
  • Our facilities are state of the art, with the most recent and efficient high-Tech Equipment
  • More than 47 years of Dental Practice with 35 years in Implant Dentistry has given us a leading purchasing reputation and standing with Dental Suppliers around the world
  • We have a Foreign Affairs Coordinator to assist or arrange all travel and lodging issues for International Patients at no extra charge
  • We offer free initial pickup from the Airport. Only when possible, we offer airport departure transportation at a special fee!
  • Our prices are competitive
  • Foreign Patients pay the same prices as Costa Rican Patients
  • We treat our patients in a humane and respectful manner. All of our procedures are pain-free
  • All of the Materials used for different Dental Treatments by our Dental Clinic are ADA and FDA-approved
  • Thousands of satisfied patients around the world support our work
  • We have an onsite Guest House that provides more comfort for our patients, and this is a first in Costa Rica